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HDR Photography

Showcase your listing in the best possible light with multiple exposure HDR photo.

HDR Photography is a unique process used to amplify the best features of an image. Our photographers take three different exposures of every photo (light, medium, and dark). Our photo editing team then blends all three exposures using professional editing software to produce a photo with the best possible light and color.  One of the most valuable aspects of HDR photography is giving potential home buyers the ability to see beyond the property's windows. Crisp and clear HDR photos showcase your properties most attractive features


Virtual Staging

Capture your client's imagination with photo realistic virtual staging.

Impress buyers with photorealistic virtual staging. Help potential buyers visualize a property's full potential by transforming a poorly furnished room into a stunning space. You may choose to provide your own photos or set up an appointment. Our designers edit each image to your specifications.  Additionally, we offer item removal as well as completing unfinished spaces.


Video Walkthrough Tour

Captivate homebuyers with a professionally shot and edited video. 

Our Zillow Certified walkthrough video tours give buyers an inside look by gliding from room to room showcasing the space and layout of the property. All of our experienced photographers are equipped with professional-grade Steadicam systems that smoothly capture high-quality video footage.  Our skilled editors produce a final product that is featured on an MLS compatible video landing page.

Being Zillow Certified means your DC Videos walkthrough tour will be automatically available on the property's Zillow photo gallery and will be featured in Zillow search results.

Additional Offerings

Create a custom package to highlight the best features of your property


We create an MLS ready landing page that will automatically scroll and showcase all of the photos for your listing.


With these beautiful photos, we can take one or multiple existing photos and digitally turn them into nighttime. We turn on all the outside lights and show the listing in an eye-popping way.


Have a house with some undesirable elements? We can remove furniture, fix a bad paint job, or get the trash cans out of your pristine photography.


Sell a lot of homes in a particular neighborhood or want to showcase the local hotspots? We can take photos of the nearby shops, amenities, and landmarks.